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Education is all about HOW and not WHAT!


Am Writing this article to reach the education system and tell them where I feel we are going wrong. Education is the first investment by the country towards the next generation.

Every generation is supposed to improve existing problems, creating values for the country through education and lead the country in the right direction, Hence right education is very much important as an investment.

Education is not about just reading Books, it’s about teaching discipline, behavior, respecting others, analyzing the situation, hunger for innovation, love towards the country, setting goals, analyzing past not to compete but to produce better things for future and many more things.

Am Rohit and am writing this article to spread awareness of a better education to the education system, teachers, parents and every citizen of the country.

If you dream for a better country, make sure you create a healthy environment for the younger generation.

For the next few minutes, I will take things deeper and I hope my article helps someone to start thinking about the existing system.

Education System Today.

Today’s education system is focusing more on money rather than education.

When I say money oriented, it’s not wrong but if people pay to educate, the education system should improve and value for the money that they pay for.

It’s not about the infrastructure, it’s about the way we teach and maintaining reachability to 100% of students who have applied to learn from you.

Stop What and Start How!!

The first thing, I would suggest the system is to stop judging students on basis of a score. Examinations are a way for students to evaluate there understanding, progress and knowledge towards the course.

The current mindset of students is learning hard to score but instead of this, it should be learn smart to learn. Every subject is important as no one is exactly sure what the career of a particular student will look alike.

As a student, I was not aware of the purpose of the subjects that we had. And the internet was not very popular then.

Students where learning Mathematics to prove they are good at maths, some tried proving to the teachers and some tried proving to their society. But no one tried to prove himself.

I started realizing about the role of the subject in one’s career at the later stage of my career.

Teachers play an important role in every student’s life and if you are not up to the mark of teaching you should not be doing the job.

Education is about teaching decision making, facing tough times, being motivated, and respecting, along with the academic courses.

People with some expertise should take time and provide a session on their free time to students by visiting schools and universities.

War and Nuclear is not a solution for anything, But Education is.

If a country wants to develop than its priority should be on improving education, allowing the system to be smooth and easy for the learners. Students should enjoy every second of their educational journey which helps them to produce better outcome.


Let’s take a step back and think about the education system. The system has to adapt to the latest generation and take education as the top priority of the country.

Though I believe each generation is smarter but allowing them to use there smartness to be used on the right part is the duty of the current generation.

Am Rohit, signing off today, will be coming up with more in future. Follow me so that I can reach you with my next post in the future.

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